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NEoN #21, Pictoplasma's lecture - ピクトプラズマのレクチャー
Pictoplasma from Berlin, my most important partner since 2001, is now giving a lecture -
Founder of Pictoplasma, Peter Thaler (left) and Lars Denicke (right) -

Presentation about the character arts and showing their unique projects, Pictoplasma costumes etc -
It is my designed costume, the yellow character "Le Petit Bonhomme" -
... and also showing more fun project "The Character Ride" Pictoplasma + Akinori Oishi -

Installation movie from 2007 - 2007年の展示でのムービーです:

Pictoplasma Publishing's one of the best book "The Character Encyclopedia" -

My typographic language characters - 私のタイポグラフィー/小人キャラクターたち。
Lecture - レクチャー - -
NEoN #20, AKI + TADO screen for the conference - カンファレンス・スクリーン
The characters from the AKI + TADO landscape are set up for the title and all speakers -
ネオン・ポスター「AKI + TADO ランドスケープ」のキャラクターたちが、カンファレンスのスクリーンにも登場です:
The festival logo - フェスティバルのロゴ:
AKI + TADO character is attached for the introduction of each speaker's name  - 
ゲスト・スピーカーの皆さんが登場の際も、スクリーン紹介の名前に「AKI + TADO」キャラクターが添えてあります:

Illustration by AKI (Akinori Oishi) & TADO, and animation by Sooper Double D (Lyall Bruce) -
イラストレーション:大石暁規テイド アニメーション制作:スーパー・ダブルD(ライアル・ブルース)

Here are some of AKI + TADO animations for the NEoN conference screen -

Lecture - レクチャー - -
NEoN #19, festival conference - フェスティバル・カンファレンス
The NEoN conference has also started, here I've got my pass : I'll give a talk at the last day !
Abertay University Hall for the NEoN conference programs - カンファレンスが行なわれるアバテイ大学ホール:

Lecture - レクチャー - -
FHP #11, Vielen Dank Deutschland - ドイツありがとう
Many thanks in Germany. All my projects has been done here successfully. See you again!
Hope I could give "Element und Serie" version #02 at FHP. I'll be back to you soon! 
Thank you very much for our collaboration, Rainer! (Prof Dr Rainer Funke from FHP)
Lecture - レクチャー - -
FHP #10, "Element und Serie" critics -「エレメント・アンド・シリーズ」作品講評会
Now the exhibition door is open! - 展覧会の準備が整って、私とフュンケ先生による公開講評会も始まりました:

"Element und Serie" has been done successfully with FHP students!
All students with Prof Dr Rainer Funke (left end) and me. You are all excellent, Dankeschön!
Lecture - レクチャー - -
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