News of Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)

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NEoN #09, "Landscaped Playground" is ready -「ランドスケープ・プレイグラウンド」展の準備完了!
Aki Scottish Characters from Dundee are all ready, we'll open the gallery door soon!

The LAW HILL character -「ロウ・ヒル」の丘のキャラクター:
From the top of our HMC gallery, we see the respectful LAW HILL in the distance ...
At the reception, the festival logo welcomes you ! - ギャラリー受付ではフェスティバルの特大ロゴがお出迎え:
And we prepare the digital guestbook for visitors - 来場者の皆さんも自由に書けるデジタル・ゲストブックの準備:
The digital guestbook supported by Tagtool from Vienna - デジタル・ゲストブックの技術協力:タグトゥール

The NEoN festival presents :

Akinori Oishi "Landscaped Playground"
15 November 2010 - 28 January 2011 

HMC / Hannah Maclure Centre 
University of Abertay Dundee Top Floor
Abertay Student Centre 1 - 3 Bell Street
DD1 1HP Dundee City / Scotland UK
Exhibition - 展覧会 - -
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