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Zoetrope (wheel illusion) - ゾートロープ(回転のぞき絵アニメーション)

Animation - アニメーション - -
"HERE COMES THE SUN" #11, the animation Sun Picking - アニメーション作品「サン・ピッキング」
This is a story about the first human who is reaching to the sun -

Animation - アニメーション - -
Pictoplasma Festival 2010 BUGS screening - ピクトプラズマ・フェスティバル2010「バグス」上映
My animation "BUGS" is screened at the Pictoplasma Festival Berlin 2010.
Photo by Laure Saint-Yves

Some other shots from Pictoplasma Festival - 会場「キノ・バビロン」でのフェスティバル写真風景です:

Photos by Sarah Bohn
Animation - アニメーション - -
Pictoplasma Animation Festival 2010 - ピクトプラズマ・アニメーション・フェスティバル2010
My animation "BUGS" is showing at the screening of Pictoplasma Festival 2010 in Berlin -

My BUGS is at #28 in CHARACTERS IN MOTION, here is the list of all the works below - 
Animation - アニメーション - -
TV animation for "Yo Gabba Gabba !" at Nickelodeon - こども番組アニメ制作/ニコロオデオンTVチャンネル
BUGS is my 90 sec jingle animation for "Yo Gabba Gabba !", the popular kid's TV at Nickelodeon in US. 
It'll be premiered (9th March 2010) on air at the first episode from season 3 of Yo Gabba Gabba.
Don't miss it at Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. channels ! Check TV-schedule at the channel of Nick Jr.


- animation : Akinori Oishi
- producer : Kevin Sukho Lee

Animation - アニメーション - -
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