News of Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)

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Drawaholic's sketchbook - ドローアホリック・スケッチブック
These are neverending repetitions of my characters, I am a self-confessed "Drawaholic" ...

Graphic - グラフィクス - -
Respect for Diego Velázquez - スペイン絵画の巨匠ベラスケスへの敬愛
The Spanish painter Diego Velázquez, here're inspired from his great master pieces -

Graphic - グラフィクス - -
Ciao Gianfranco #01 - チャオ!ジャンフランコさん
Here's my small drawing for Gianfranco, a genius designer from Sardinia in Italy -
He kindly sent me a nice portrait of mine, and I also made the drawing as my return gift to Italy -

Graphic - グラフィクス - -
The year of rabbit in the Japanese tradition - 2011年の卯年
Making a fun with rabbits, the Wonder Marker - エディング社のワンダー・マーカーで描いてみました。
Graphic - グラフィクス - -
Happy Wedding Gift - スコットランドのハッピー・ウェディング
A lovely house in Scotland - 
My best Scottish friend Lyall who took care of me at the NEoN festival had a happy winter wedding -
Lyall & Gillian and the sweet dog Duffy - This is my gift for the new life of them ... Congratulations!
Graphic - グラフィクス - -
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