News of Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)

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Text interview by Ototmc from London - オンライン・マガジン「Ototmc」(ロンドン)テキスト・インタヴュー
Ototmc (One Two One Two Microphone Check) -
an online magazine with the interview concept from the French novelist Proust's questionnaire. The interview series are featured various kinds of cultural international active people.

Interview - インタヴュー - -
Eikoku (England) News Digest - 英国ニュース・ダイジェスト
Interviewed by the journal magazine for Japanese communities in UK -
- the title in Japanese "Interview with the Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi" :

My interview is also announced my lecture at The Japan Foundation in London -
Interview - インタヴュー - -
"Sozi", thinking about ideas with her -「ソジちゃん」からの創作アイディアについてのインタヴュー
Sozi, a charming girl character by Rilla Alexander from Australia, would like to interview me -
Sozi likes ideas, and she is asking her art friends how they keep ideas - 
Interview - インタヴュー - -
"Migrate", the design magazine from South Africa - 表紙デザイン「ミグレート」(南アフリカ共和国)
Migrate is the well-known design magazine in the African countries. 
This is my first time to work for Africa, and also my first time for the cover design of a big magazine.
My featured pages - 私の作品紹介の掲載ページ:

Biographies about me and other featured artists - 私とその他の掲載アーティストたちのバイオグラフィー:
And my special design for all the page numbers - 

Interview - インタヴュー - -
"ART AND DESIGN", the magazine from Beijing -「アート・アンド・デザイン」(中国/北京)デザイン誌
ART AND DESIGN is monthly, and the largest circulation magazine in China.
Featured the special interview about me -
Here is the interview title - インタヴュー記事のタイトルです:

Interview - インタヴュー - -
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