News of Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)

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Pictoplasma 2011 Berlin #01, PAPP - ピクトプラズマ・フェスティバル2011/ロボット・プロジェクト「パップ」
My box designs for "PAPP", the robot project by Tordal Design from Norway -
Tordal Design comes to Berlin...
at Pictoplasma Festival 2011 they talks about PAPP's collaboration with us, the selected artists -

Hilde & Bard from Tordal Design - トーダル・デザイン代表のヒルドさんとバードさん(上写真)

After their lecture, Hilde explains directly to the festival visitor about PAPP -
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Ciao Gianfranco #03, I LOVE LESS ... more -「アイ・ラヴ・レス」・・・モア
more photos what I LOVE ... 

"Sardinia" where Gianfranco lives in Italy - a beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Ciao Gianfranco #02, I LOVE LESS -「アイ・ラヴ・レス」ステッカー・プロジェクト
I LOVE THE FLOWERS ... 桜の下で、私の一言を添えたジャンフランコさん制作のステッカーを撮影です。
It is for Gianfranco's "I LOVE LESS" project about the master of minimalism, Dieter Rams -
Also Gianfranco's Facebook friends from the world, they're marking what they love ...

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LOVE FOR JAPAN #06, Thank you for your LOVE - 皆様ありがとうございます。
Thank you very much for your LOVE FOR JAPAN -
I appreciate all, many friends have already ordered our poster LOVE FOR JAPAN.
Photo :
One LOVE from the Netherlands, at Noortje & Johan's beautiful flat in Amsterdam.

* The poster profit is going to donate to Volunteer Architects' Network in Tokyo.
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LOVE FOR JAPAN #05, AI NIPPON in Amsterdam - アムステルダムでのチャリティ・オークション
"AI NIPPON" means LOVE JAPAN in Japanese -
The charity auction night for Japan is organized by WE ARE Pi from Amsterdam.
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