News of Graphic Artist, Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)

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Japan Foundation London #03, after my lecture - レクチャ講演の終了後
Thanks for your visiting - my talk has done successfully! I'm so glad that you all like my works.

After my talk event, the audiences come to me for Aki drawing -

Thank you very much for the great chance to give my talk at Japan Foundation London -
Lecture - レクチャー - -
Japan Foundation London #02, talk with Fountain Projects - ファウンテイン・プロジェクトとの対談
The 2nd part of my lecture event : Aki panel talk with Mr Keith Whittle
from Fountaion Projects, and professor of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London -

It was an interesting talk with you about my works. Thank you very much, Mr Whittle!
Lecture - レクチャー - -
Japan Foundation London #01 - 国際交流基金ロンドン日本文化センターでの講演
Here's the information of Akinori Oishi's "small pictures BIG IMAGINATION" -


Talked about my latest show in Dundee, this exhibition project is granted by Japan Foundation -

Photos by Amandine Alessandra
Lecture - レクチャー - -
NEoN #23, Aki's quotations - レクチャーでの引用の言葉
The NEoN audience enjoyed my 1 hour talk, next day somebody posted my phrases at -
Lecture - レクチャー - -
NEoN #22, Aki's lecture - 大石暁規のプレゼンテーション
Here's the title of my presentation -

... and talking about my Dundee story, 
for the NEoN festival / Aki solo exhibition I am inspired from a landmark of the city "Law Hill" etc -
The highest place in Dundee City "Law Hill" - ダンディの名所である「ロウ・ヒルの丘」から発想したキャラクター:
My NEoN exhibition "Landscaped Playground", Scottish Castle, Scottish Bus, and Scottish Home ... 
... then I speak about the hot topic today in Dundee -
The Japanese architecture design has been just selected for V&A Dundee by real votes of the citizens -
I am happy for the result and so honored that Dundee has a big interest in Japan -
And I said to the lecture audience,
... my next dream is to be back here again to hold a big exhibition "V&A Aki solo show" in Dundee!
Thank you very much for enjoying my talk and creations -
Lecture - レクチャー - -
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